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Customer Testimonial Results

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On Mar 9, 2022 at 4:57 PM Steve of Wilmont, MN wrote: 5 Star Rating
I have been required to use a cane because of a recent injury. While on vacation we visited Luckenbach Texas and while going thru the gift store I came across the assorted walking sticks on display. The Bubba Stik caught my eye and as soon as I had it my hand I knew I had to have it! Fast foreword a month we are back home and made a trip to Sioux Falls for a doctor appt. Later we were doing some shopping and after parking and crossing the street to enter a store a man approached us walking very fast. He leapt at us like he was going to attack us. He stopped I think because I didn't flinch but really scaring my wife. I raised my Bubba Stik like a baseball bat and loudly informed him I was going to knock his head off if he didn't back off. He took one look at the knob and backed up a few steps. I then took a step toward him with the Stik still raised and told him to go away or I would swing. By then a few young men came along and told me they had my back but said it looked like I had things under control. I told my wife later that even when I don't need a cane for walking I'm still going to use my Bubba Stik when we travel to a bigger city!

On Apr 21, 2014 at 5:38 PM Awesomedad of Saint Paul, , MN wrote: 5 Star Rating
I had wanted a cane that was functional first and appeal second. The StepinStik I ordered hit both items perfectly even. I ordered a black on black on black, while Bubba added a great chrome touch to my hand made stamped leather handle, 2 silver medallions. It has an ebony shaft, black top, black hardware, engraved initials on handle, black leather grip, stamped name surrounded with two silver conchs. It is causing a striking sight. Simple, clean and perfect. I knew you produced a quality product, but now I own one. My destinations are now classy. I plan on using my art piece to continue on the quest for the cancer cure.

Sincerely Bill (Awesomedad)

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