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Customer Testimonial Results

Our Stiks are Averaging a 4.90 Out of 5 Star Rating.        Let's hear from YOU!
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On Sep 3, 2023 at 9:00 AM Robert M of Cumming, GA wrote: 5 Star Rating
I purchased an Exotic StepinStik with a Brass Top, Mahogany shaft, a Brass Embedded Button and a Horse Hair Tassel on a Brass Mounting Loop. It is extremely nice, maybe elegant even. The cane was packaged very well for shipping also. I will post a pic in the gallery if possible. For reference I'm 6'1" and cut cane to 37.5".

On Dec 20, 2020 at 2:46 PM Sloan of Lagrange, GA wrote: 5 Star Rating
Ordered two thumpers and an exotic stik for Christmas. The cumaru thumpers for my son and grandson and the big stik for me from my wife. All were big hits. The black chrome, cocobolo exceeds my expectations. Thanks for the great service and products. Sloan

On Aug 20, 2020 at 12:50 PM Tom of Clayton, GA wrote: 5 Star Rating
A totally class act! A good-looking product, well made, great service and fast delivery. The way things ought to be --

On Feb 17, 2016 at 5:45 AM David of Sharpsburg, GA wrote: 5 Star Rating
I just wanted to thank you for my recent order of my 2 BubbaStik SPECIALS. I'm a big fellow and they seem to support my weight well. If there were any cosmetic defects I couldn't find them.

Thank you for a product that fit my needs.


On Dec 8, 2015 at 12:39 PM Charles of Statesboro, GA wrote: 5 Star Rating
Thank you so much for the outstanding service! I received my BubbaStik this morning. This is the best one that you have made for me yet. I have the right size now. Thank you so much for all that you've done...


On Aug 17, 2014 at 8:05 PM Vanessa of Pine Mountain, GA wrote: 5 Star Rating
I love my Lady Bubba. Everyone compliments me wherever I go . My husband bought this beauty home from Texas on one of his hauls and I've been loving it every since . I'll tell anyone and everyone who uses a cane to please invest in a BubbaStik . You can't go wrong with beauty and quality that's affordable ! Kisses Yal!

On Jun 16, 2013 at 7:47 PM David of Eatonton, GA wrote: 5 Star Rating
I am a disabled vet. I have been using the wrong size cane for years. A friend told me about these canes and that he loved his so I decided to give it a try. I love my new cane. I also got the army crest put on it. Now when I go to the VA I can hit the navy guys with a quality cane. Thank you.

On May 14, 2011 at 2:03 PM Gina of Blairsville, GA wrote: 5 Star Rating
Ordered 2 BubbaStiks on 5/12/11 and got them on 5/14/11. They both look great. I got the horse hair tassel put on mine and am very pleased with the quality. Thank you for quick service and excellent product.

On Sep 7, 2009 at 10:55 PM Rich of Fayetteville, GA wrote: 5 Star Rating
Having had polio as a child, then getting drafted in 1967, and after jumping out of helicopters and airplanes, I've not had healthy legs under me since. I've had just about every kind of cane/walking stick known to mankind, and have always been looking for something better. Well, while visiting my Mom in San Antonio, my girlfriend/best friend/wife and I decided to visit Luckenbach for some good music, cold beer and the always entertaining writing on the men's room walls. I found a little basket in the old store containing BubbaStiks, and grabbed one to check it out. It hasn't been out of my hands since! Fits my hand perfectly, is strong, functional and beautiful, not to mention a great conversation piece. I've had many compliments/comments on my Stik and it draws attention wherever we go. It serves its purposes well, providing stability for my feeble legs and protection from the thugs/punks and vermin that walk our streets. No one has yet to offer to test it against their sky piece (head), and it always remains at the ready to be tested. Whenever I find something like this that I like this much, I usually buy two of them so I'll always have a spare, but in this case I decided it wouldn't be necessary. Since there are no moving parts, and I'll wear out long before the Stik, I'll just keep stocked on tips and will carry it until I take the final dirt bath and meet my maker. Perhaps I can carry it with me into the after life and possibly work out a deal with Moses for his staff, just as long as he comes up with enough boot to make the transaction! Sooner or later we're all gonna need some assistance to help us walk. Why not go ahead and get the ultimate, the best, THE BUBBASTIK! You'll be awful glad (and proud!) you did!

On Jul 19, 2009 at 8:49 PM Roger of Brunswick, GA wrote: 5 Star Rating
I saw this BubbaStik as I was going out of a store after buying gas and knew I had to have one. It's NOT that I haven't a walking stick (I have over fifty). The handle fits nicely in my palm. My usual comment to someone who admires my stik is that it is all that remains of the "old days" and my old horse.
Thanks Roger, We appreciate the kind words.
Steve Winters, President
Bubba Stik, Inc.

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