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Customer Testimonial Results

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On Dec 26, 2006 at 2:07 PM Doc's Wife of Summit, MO wrote: 5 Star Rating
Well, y'all, I bought my husband an original BubbaStik as a gentle tease on our honeymoon, 11 years ago. Little did we know, that within 6 months he would be told to stop practicing medicine, and be glad he was still walking. He still would not use Bubba, because he refused to admit that he might actually need him! Soon, he used Bubba occasionally, as a "conversation piece." It didn't take long, though, before he needed more and more help getting around. He's still walking (something his surgeons told him he would not be able to do some years ago,) and makes sure that Bubba is always by his side. If this sounds like Bubba is a real person, be assured that it's because he has become, over the years, my husband's very best friend. I do believe he'd get rid of me, before him! When the puppies (years ago,) got hold of the Stik, Bill replaced it with a dowell that he sanded and stained himself. Like the other gentleman, he feels naked without it. On December 22, this year, my uncle fell and broke his hip. I am on the computer right now to order him a my husband's request.

On Oct 20, 2006 at 1:10 PM Audrey of Mt Hope, OH wrote: 5 Star Rating
Thank you so much for my BubbaStik! I love taking it out and about. I sense that it feels right at home here in the heart of Ohio's Amish country.


On Sep 28, 2006 at 7:02 AM Brad 'Tow Pro' of Wallingford , PA wrote: 5 Star Rating
Hello! I came across my BUBBASTIK at a Petro truck stop, in Bordentown NJ. I have been recovering from a work related injury and thought it looked like a gear shift from a big rig. Being a heavy tow truck driver for years I liked the feel. I use my stik everyday now, and feel naked without it, I sometimes go out without my wallet or cell phone but never leave home without my BUBBASTIK!!

I am a proud owner and enjoy promoting this wonderful AMERICAN product!!

Thank you for making my life a bit more comfortable, and proud!!

On Aug 30, 2006 at 7:41 PM Joseph of Fayetteville, NC wrote: 5 Star Rating
The BubbaStik arrived today. It is a good quality walking stick that feels good in my hand and can support me as I am walking. It arrived sooner than two other items ordered at the same time. Thanks again for your great product.

On Aug 1, 2006 at 5:16 PM Mike of Pomona, CA wrote: 5 Star Rating
Bought one for my friend who lives on Vancouver Island, Canada.

He walks with it and since neighborhood dogs sometimes come around he is of course better equipped to fend off unwanted visits if necessary. The island also boasts of a good population of black bears. I'm glad he has the Original BubbaStik in hand when he's out a walkin!

I thank you and so does he for making a well constructed walking stick. His last stick cost hundreds of dollars- was tipped with "camel bone" which broke the first time this "hardest bone in the world" hit the pavement! This one will last and is comfortable to carry.

Thanks again - Mike

On Jul 31, 2006 at 8:28 AM Ernie Moore of Philadelphia, PA wrote: 5 Star Rating
Greetings from Jerusalem.

I am the proud owner of two BubbaStiks. One remains at my son's home in PA for my visits there. The other is in my home in Jerusalem, Israel. I enjoyed the story of the jeepny very much, and will take it to heart. :-)

We live and work here as freelance journalists. From what I know of your own beliefs, I imagine you will enjoy our web site, listed below my signature.

Congratulations on providing your great product to the MOH recipients as well. As one who served in RVN 1965-67 I appreciate these men and their service to our nation. Lord Bless You and yours for the stand you have taken for our country and for your fine product.

Shalom - Ernie -

On Jul 8, 2006 at 10:34 AM David Wood of Fort Morgan, CO wrote: 5 Star Rating
As I have told Steve and the gang, I saw a rack of the Bubbastiks and bought one for my father. Papa Buck is the only man I personally know who can drive an 8 horse hitch, and although in his 80s he still rides every day and can make a hand anytime. Got him one, and decided I needed one for myself. Steve and the gang were kind enough to help me with my special order and the specific specifications that I needed for my purpose. I like them and I love the walking stick, its useful as well as attractive.

On Jun 26, 2006 at 8:18 PM Craig (DINGO) Stambaugh of Ontario, AK wrote: 5 Star Rating
I ordered a BubbaStik for my wife and she liked it so well that I ordered one for myself. The workmanship is like a fine watch My wife got the Lady Bubba which is a little lighter in weight and has a chrome hame. This is a great company to do business with. Keep up the great work.

On Jun 23, 2006 at 2:17 PM Sprocket Terror of Moab, UT wrote: 5 Star Rating
Very nice! Great for peddel heads. I had mine before I needed it. Good things still come out of Texas other then high priced oil!

On May 26, 2006 at 12:41 AM J B 'Wild Bill' Hickok of (unknown), CO wrote: 5 Star Rating
Got me one of them walking sticks from Steve and the gang. Helps a bunch with this sore leg I got from that Cheyenne lance. Real fancy that brass hame is, right pretty to look at. Best of all, that hame makes a fine tommy knocker upside of the head of miscreants. I like it. James Butler Hickok Wild Bill

On May 17, 2006 at 8:09 AM Stephen of Las Cruces, NM wrote: 5 Star Rating
I just picked up my first BubbaStik at a Love's Travel Stop in Las Cruces, NM. What a value! I'll use mine every day for walking and a conversation piece. This thing is worth twice what I had to pay. Keep up the good work.

On Mar 30, 2006 at 3:12 PM Lyle of Garden Grove, CA wrote: 5 Star Rating
I work in hospitals for the last 14 years,and have transferred my share of 350 pounders on and off the imager I use in my job as a pet/ct tech working with cancer patients. 5 years ago my back broke after the constant abuse I gave it and 4 surgeries later I needed a cane to help me get around. It finally got to me when my grandson(5) told me I looked old cause I use a cane, it hurts all the time he asked. I told him it did, and the very next day a patient came in with a BUBBA STIK. He let me try it and it fit better than the aluminum canes the Dr. gave me. My grandson say's I don't look old any more and I get all the support I ever need. I feel and look my age now 53. Thanks BubbaSam!

On Feb 14, 2006 at 12:10 AM Dackel Rich of Lovelock, NV wrote: 5 Star Rating
I just purchased mine at a truck stop in Reno. This is an incredible bargain for an item of extremely good quality. My grandfather had polio--he would have loved this cane for around the house. Most "designer" canes don't have an effective anti-slip bottom cap, let alone a grip like the harness hame. This would make a great gift for anybody, whether they need to use a cane or not!!

On Jan 6, 2006 at 4:51 PM A. J. of Goldsboro, NC wrote: 5 Star Rating
Thank You for taking my order of the second BubbaStik I've owned. It appears to me that some one else likes the stik. I left it in the shopping cart the other day... even with my named engraved on it, they still took possession of said item.

Im 80 and need a little help getting around. This does the trick... say, This stik doesn't have anything to do with the 'BUBBA' that was in the white House a few years ago from Hope, AK.??? People often made remarks about his big 'BubbaStik'.

Just joking a bit. My initials are A.J... [Always Joking]

On Jan 6, 2006 at 4:15 PM Keith of Bay City, TX wrote: 5 Star Rating
I received my BubbaStik today, and found it to be exactly what I have been looking for in a cane. I have MS, and need a cane to help me walk sometimes. Finding a decent cane is not an easy task. I saw a BubbaStik in Church, and even though I was unable to get a good look at it, or talk to it's owner, I did see the "Bubba Stik" marking on it and this lead me to your web site. Thanks for making these-I can tell you're not just in it for the money. I love my new BubbaStik!

And it is comforting to know that I can whack some scumbag up side the head with it if I feel threatened! Keep up the good work!

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