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While we currently have adequate inventory in Exotic shafts... I have received notice from my Exotic shaft vendor that the Covid Pandemic has created a condition where the raw woods to make these shafts are much more difficult to acquire and we all know Covid is on the rise again. In addition, my vendor is having surgery in November which is going to take some time to heal. Between the two issues of future quantity-on-hand and availability of these exotic woods for shafts the offerings will start to dwindle. I have placed my last order available to me from my vendor until he has recovered and back to work. But even with this last order (projected to arrive between Sep 18th and Sep 25th) there were some limitations of woods available.

So, if you are considering one of these finely finished pieces of these exotic woods for your custom build... I would strongly recommend you get your order placed SOONER rather than LATER!


Exotic StepinStafs

These new StepinStik Exotic Stafs are the REAL McCoy... no staining or painting, just pure exotic woods from around the world.

As time goes along woods can become unavailable due to being classified as an endangered species and existing inventory dries up. Thus some of these woods are in limited supply so don't put off your purchase if you really like what you see. It takes us between 1 and 2 months to restock, IF Available, and we never really know if we will receive what we ordered for sure until it arrives. Prices will vary due to the uniqueness and availability of the particular wood but starts at $70.00.

Interested in more information on these woods? Click HERE!

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Hand Rubbed Natural Finish

Northern South America  

Central / South America  

Central Africa  
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All stiks, regardless of style, are to be used so as to put maximum weight on the main shaft of the stik in a vertical position only.

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